Outstanding Pre-Tenure Counselor Educator Award for Dr. Kathy Ybañez-Llorente

Dr. Kathy Ybañez-Llorente was recently awarded the SACES 2012 Outstanding Pre-tenured Counselor Educator Award at the 2012 Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Conference held in Savannah, Georgia in September. The SACES Outstanding Pre-tenured Counselor Educator Award acknowledges individual faculty members who are showing exceptional progress in the early stages of their academic career. The award is based on activities in all areas of an academic position: research, teaching, and service. Dr. Ybañez-Llorente was found to have a productive track record of research and publications and a developed research agenda that promises to develop our knowledge of counseling. The nomination highlighted Dr. Ybañez-Llorente’s active involvement in service to the counseling profession across numerous leadership positions at the national and state levels. Because SACES has a separate Teaching award, the evaluation of teaching is not as critical in this award, but Dr. Ybañez-Llorente’s nomination also demonstrated a solid performance of teaching counseling courses.