“A Deeper Side” Documentary Screening and Q&A – Monday, April 25th

Monday, April 25th
7:00 P.M.
Centennial Hall Teaching Theater (room 157)

“A Deeper Side” is an award-winning documentary, shot in a naturalistic style without script or narration. It tells a very personal story about gifted artist, musician, and rapper, David Francis Drymala. Often speaking directly to the audience through his personal computer or camera, David gives the viewer a unique glimpse into his world of schizophrenia and addiction. His incredible art, music, and poetry also illustrate his inspired but painful journey. Filmed over a five-year period of time, the audience witnesses David’s attempts to establish himself as an artist and rapper while trying to cope with the demands of daily life. He is seen working on his art, performing his music, advocating for mental health awareness, and struggling to manage his own personal demons at the same time. David’s family and friends also share their painful recollections and frank disclosures illustrating the frustration and heartache experienced by those who love and care for individuals with mental illness and addiction.

A Question & Answer session will be held immediately following the screening. In attendance will be producer/director Dr. Ed Scholwinski, who is a faculty member in the Department of Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education, and School Psychology at Texas State and his son Shane Scholwinski, who edited the entire project. Shane is a mass communications major, specializing in film and electronic media He will be graduating from Texas State in May 2016.

Also in attendance will be David’s father, Alan Drymala who is an executive producer of the project. He has been an intimate passenger on David’s journey and his chief advocate. Alan is licensed professional counselor and Jungian therapist with a private practice in San Antonio, Texas. He will talk about David’s current status and the national crisis in mental health services.

The screening of “A Deeper Side” at Texas State University is sponsored by:

The Department of Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education & School Psychology, The Psychology Department, The Association of School Psychology Students, and The Social Awareness Documentary Film Club.

For more information contact Kelsey Theis.

APCE PhD Graduate Dr. Kayon Murray Named Outstanding Doctoral Student for College of Education

Dr. Kayon Murray-Johnson completed her Ph.D. in the Adult Professional and Community Education program in December 2015. She excelled in all of her doctoral courses, as well her work on her dissertation study: “Toward a Construct of Balance: Graduate Education Faculty and the Navigation of Difficult Dialogues on Race.” An external committee member from a tier one university remarked that Kayon’s was one of the best dissertations she has seen. By the time Dr. Murray-Johnson completed the program, she also had published three articles in refereed journals. Despite her busy schedule as a student, doctoral assistant, mother of a toddler, youth mentor and spouse of a pastor, Kayon also consistently offered her assistance with APCE program activities. She looks forward to a career as a faculty member in adult education.

School Psychologist Student Amy Shatila named Outstanding Graduate Student for the College of Education

Amy ShatilaWhen presented with new opportunities to advance her learning beyond the basic requirements, Amy consistently takes advantage of these options. For example, when I told my students that I was interested in presenting some multicultural research at a national conference, Amy volunteered to co-present with some other students. This enthusiasm has resulted in an extraordinary number of presentations and publications for a specialist-level student:

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School Psychology Program Receives ISPA Accreditation

CLAS is happy to announce that the School Psychology program has received a new accreditation from the International School Psychology Association (ISPA). This five year accreditation is in addition to the program’s Full Approval-National Recognition by the National Association of School Psychologists. The new accreditation positions the program well internationally. Congratulations to the faculty on this achievement!

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