Congrats to our CLAS Colleagues for Receiving 2016 Presidential Distinction or College Achievement Awards

Presidential Distinction Awardees:


Associate Professor/Professor: Clarena Larrotta

Assistant Professor: Barry Aidman


Associate Professor/Professor: Joellen Coryell

Lecturer/Assistant Professor: Melissa Martinez

College Achievement Awardees:


Lecturer/Assistant Professor: Paige Haber-Curran

Lecturer/Assistant Professor: Desiree Vega

CPAE Announcements

The American Association of Adult and Continuing Education’s Commission of Professors of Adult Education (CPAE) selected the Master of Arts in Adult Education program as the recipient of the 2015 CPAE Curriculum Innovation Award. This award recognizes innovative approaches to the education of adult educators. The awards committee stated, “We received several nomination packages this year, and all were impressive. Despite the exemplary competition, Texas State’s Master of Arts in Adult Education distinguished itself as a comprehensive program for training adult educators for positions across the scope of the field. Congratulations on this significant achievement!”

The award was bestowed at the annual CPAE business meeting in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on Thursday, November 19th.

Additionally, Dr. Ann Brooks (Professor, APCE) was elected to lead the Commission.

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